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¡¡¡¡For two decades, a great number of friends at home and abroad, renowned experts, professors and well-known journalists and writers believe that, Prof. Lai Huiwu, an outstanding scientific businessman, and his 505 Group, initiated the concept of ¡°curing the disease inside the body from the outside and curing the disease outside the body from inside¡±;started health care industry in China; founded funding of education; started high rewarding for Olympic players; and initiated high rewarding for public welfare undertakings.
¡¡¡¡As a high-tech industrial group integrating scientific research, production, operation, and teaching, Xianyang 505 Group was established by Prof. Lai Huiwu, a member of the ninth national committee of CPPCC, national working model, winner of ¡°May Day Model Worker¡± award, middle-aged and young expert with great contribution to the country, and modern practice on curing the disease inside the body from the outside. It mainly comprises over ten entities including China Xianyang Health Care Products Factory, Xianyang, Shaanxi 505 Healthcare Corporation, Xi¡¯an Branch of Chinese Medical Healthcare Institute, China Association of the United Nations Institute for Human Health, China Association of the United Nations Institute for Human Health, Shaanxi Louguantai 505 Institute of Anti-Aging Research, Shaanxi Huiwu Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Sino-US joint venture), Shaanxi 505 Medicines and Health Products Import & Export Co., Ltd. and 505 University.
¡¡¡¡Ever since the establishment of 505 Group, President Lai Huiwu, together with all his employees, has made the group become a modern business from formerly a business with only one employee, one product and one simple office by their own hard work, without asking any investment from the state. For two decades, it has made contributions to the state and the society amounting over 1 billion Yuan by paying taxes and supporting various social public welfare undertakings such as science & technology, education, culture, physical education, health, senior citizens, disabled, disaster-hit areas and poor families, founding over ten hope primary schools in poor areas including Shaanxi, Tibet and Yunnan for over 10, 000 dropout children. A donation amounting to 1.55 million Yuan was provided to establish ¡°505 Rewarding Funds for Teachers in Shaanxi Province¡±; 1 million Yuan for establishment of ¡°505 Scholarship for Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University¡±, 0.9 million Yuan for founding ¡°Rewarding Fund for Northwestern University¡±; 2.3 million Yuan for building of 505 multi-functional scientific hall for Xi¡¯an Branch of Chinese Medical Healthcare Institute(Xi¡¯an Medicine University); 1 million Yuan for initiating of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund for Scientific Research and Teaching of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine¡±; 0.5 million Yuan for the launching of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund¡± for Xi¡¯an International Studies University; 0.5 million Yuan for establishment of ¡°505 Education Rewarding Fund for Yan¡¯an University¡±; 0.5 million Yuan for launching of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund¡± for Northwest University of Politics & Law; 0.5 million Yuan to Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University for setting up ¡°505 Group Employee Training Center of Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University¡±; 2 million Yuan for the Hope Project, by providing 02.-0.5 million Yuan per hope primary school and setting up  12 hope primary schools in poor areas of the country; 1 million Yuan for foundation of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund for Scientific Research by China Institute for Chinese Medicine¡±; 1.05 million Yuan for establishment of ¡°505 Culture Award¡± for Peking University; spent 1.88 million Yuan for rewarding of Chinese athletes and coaches those who won gold, silver or bronze medal in the 25th Olympic Games; 1 million Yuan for launching of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund for Chinese Gymnasts¡±; 0.85 million Yuan to Shaanxi Committee for Science & Technology for launching of ¡°505 Spark Rewarding Fund¡±; 1 million Yuan to Shaanxi Association for Science and Technology for initiating of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund for Revitalizing Shaanxi via Science & Technology¡±; 2 million Yuan for Xianyang municipal government aiming at launching of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund for Revitalizing Xianyang Through Science & Technology¡±; 2 million Yuan for collective establishment of ¡°505 Medical Ethics Rewarding Fund¡± with Shaanxi Province Department of Health; 0.65 million Yuan for launching of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund for China¡¯s Reportage¡± together with China Writers¡¯ Association; 0.65 million Yuan for founding of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund for Reportage in China¡± together with Earth Monthly of People¡¯s Daily; 0.5 million Yuan for setting up of ¡°Xianyang Bureau of Public Security 505 Rewarding Fund for Heroic Actions¡±; 1 million Yuan for Shaanxi Committee for Aged Citizens to build 505 apartments for senior citizens; 0.5 million Yuan for Shaanxi provincial government to renovate the tomb of Yellow Emperor; 0.5 million Yuan for establishment of ¡°505 Anti-Cancer Foundation¡±; 0.5 million Yuan for athletes winning honors in the 9th Paralympic Games; a large number of products and cashes for several disaster-hit areas; 2 million Yuan for building of 505 Fountain in Xianyang Central Square; 0.5 million Yuan for collective establishment of ¡°505 Literature Prize¡± with Shaanxi Writers¡¯ Association; 1 million for setting up of ¡°505 Rewarding Fund for Scientific Research, Teaching and Medical Ethics of China-Japan Friendship Hospital; and 0.1 million Yuan for Yan¡¯an to renovate ¡°April 8th¡± Martyrs¡¯ Park¡±.
¡¡¡¡Praised as the outstanding party committee for several years by Xianyang Municipal CPC Committee and Shaanxi Provincial CPC Committee and as the national outstanding basic party organization by Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee in 1996, 505 Group Party Committee has been granted with cordial interviews and hearty encourages by senior government leaders including Hu Jintao.
¡¡¡¡Adhering to the enterprise spirit of ¡° Upholding humanitarianism, one heart and one mind, working hard and forging ahead for human health¡± 505 always consider it a sacred social duty to provide people with the best drugs and health care products through its own hard working.
The 505 medicine and health product series represented by originally innovated product-505 Marvelous Vitality Bag, which covers a series of products such as 505 Marvelous Vitality Bag ( For adult, women and children), 505 Marvelous Knee Pad, 505 Marvelous Shoulder Pad, 505 Marvelous Waist Supporter, 505 Marvelous Medicinal Pillow,  505 Marvelous Breast Care Bra, and 505 Marvelous Diaformin Bag; health care food products including 505 Ginkgo Tea, 505 Cortex Eucommiae Tea, 505 Spiced Vinegar, 505 Anti-aging Alcohol, 505 Icy Ginkgo Tea, and 505 Ginkgo Tea Drink; and medicine health care products including 505 Kunle Plaster, 505 Collateral-Dredging and Hypotensive Plaster, and 505 Shenying Plaster, 505 Health-care Sachet, 505 Health-care Underwear, and 505 Shoulder and Neck Hydropathic Compress Medicine, thus starting the new era of ¡°treating internal disease with external therapy and treating external disease with internal therapy ¡±.
¡¡¡¡Ever since coming into being, these products, due to their reliable quality and excellent effect, have been sold throughout the whole country and over 100 countries and reigns in the world successfully, releasing pains for tens of thousands people, winning 136 international and national awards, and highly praised as ¡°a wonder in the medical history¡±, ¡°essence of the traditional medicine ¡± and ¡°the best choice for health preservation and present¡±.
505 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which was established by 505 Group with the investment amounting to 180 million Yuan, is a large-sized modern high-tech pharmacy company. With introduction of leading production equipment in the world, the company is featured by high automation level and perfect quality guarantee system, and owns three exaction lines including pretreatment of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, water exacting and alcohol exacting, and four production lines for preparation of tablets, capsules, granules and lotions, with the annual output of 500 million tablets, 300 million capsules, 50 tons of granules and 12 million bottles of lotion.
To date, 505 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has developed a number of new drugs including 505 Collateral Stasis Resolving Capsule (with exclusive intellectual property rights), 505 Ginseng and Astragalus Diabetes Relieving Capsule (new drug under national protection), Huangpu Skin Cleaning Lotion (with exclusive intellectual property rights), Xingwan Cough Reliving Granule (with exclusive intellectual property rights), Pudilan Sulfadiazine, Six-Ingredient Rehmannia Capsule, Qiju Rehmannia Capsule, Hemostasis Capsule, Bowels Relaxing Capsule, Anti-ulcer Capsule, Vitiligo Capsule, Mammillary Nucleus Eliminating Granule, Anti-cold and Detoxication Granule, Collateral Dredging Granule, Jingfang Granule, Postpartum Haemostasis Eliminating Tablet, Fat-Reducing and Weight-Reducing Tablet, Liver-Protecting Tablet, Anti-lumbago Tablet, Anti-hyperostosis Tablet, Cholagogic and Lithagogue Tablet, Kidney Tonifying Tablet, Mouth Dissolving Shangqing Tablet, Nourishing and Hair Breeding Tablet, Chlorothiazide Tablet, Qianbai Rhinitis Tablet, which have been warmed received by consumers.
¡¡¡¡Within 505 Group, the new business management system characterized by the independent yet restricting one another policy-making body, the excution body, and the supervision body is gradually realized. With regard to the distribution system, the skill ¨C salary mechanism of ¡°rewarding those who are diligent and outstanding and punish those who are lazy and inferior¡± is applied while ¡°getting an equal share regardless of the work done¡± is discarded. It¡¯s a good way to ensure that the employees truly competent get the reward they deserve by focusing on the actual performance and the quality. For the workers, the piece ¨C wage system is applied, while assessment of management chiefs mainly involves in their performance in four aspects including the ethics, the ability, the diligence and the achievement. Advanced and perfect product quality standards is worked out and a complete set of management system covering purchasing, processing, controlling of the half-finished products, measurement detecting and quality inspecting established, so that conformity rate of the 505 products keeps at 100%; in order to improve services before, during and after selling, a special body and professional workers are assigned to deal with letters and feedback information from patients both at home and abroad. Every letter from the patient will be registered and replied. In all, millions of letters from the patients are dealt with, and rational suggestions and requests of the consumers are carefully arranged, summarized and fed back to the departments involving in scientific research, production and distribution for unceasing improvement of product quality and service quality, thus winning the consumer¡¯s trust. The honor ¡°National Consumer Trust Product¡± is given to 505 products by China Foundation of Consumer Protection.
¡¡¡¡During its development, 505 Group keeps adhering to the guideline of ¡°promoting two civilizations at the same time and winning two good ends¡±. And during establishment of 505 Group¡¯s own culture, the Party, the government, the workers and the league members play their own roles so that construction of socialist spiritual civilization goes through the whole process. The culture battle field mainly involved in 505 Newspaper is launched and Articles of 505 Group & Employee Rules prepared for definite statement of the employee¡¯s norms of behaviors, therefore an employee team with ¡°four haves¡± including having ideals, having good ethics, having literacy ability and having a sense of discipline has been gradually formed. The 505 Group is stepping to diversification, modernization, and internationalization, so as to make greater contribution to human health.
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