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505 run enterprises strategy:

Chung integrity, innovation and forging ahead in unity, happiness and happiness; people-oriented, enterprises according to law, according to his work, Jiangqinfalan the survival of the fittest

505 entrepreneurship:

Humanitarian high, one heart and one mind, work hard and forge ahead for the cause of human health and strive!

505 business purposes:

     A truth-seeking people!

505 enterprises in the establishment and development of the process, always adhere to "grasp the two civilizations together, the results of the two to work together, to achieve better economic efficiency in the business at the same time, a huge social support for the public good. Donor 1,550,000 yuan to set up" in Shaanxi 505 Teacher Incentive Fund "; donor 1,000,000 yuan to set up the" Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University 505 scholarships "; donated 900,000 yuan to set up the" reward fund at Northwestern University, scientific research fund "; donor 2,300,000 yuan in the construction of Xi¡¯an Branch of Chinese Medical University in Xi¡¯an and 505 Multi-Science and Technology Hall; donor 1,500,000 yuan to set up the "Xi¡¯an Medical University Award Fund"; donor 1,000,000 yuan to set up "Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 505 scientific research, teaching awards fund"; donor 1,050,000 yuan of Beijing University to set up the "Chinese Culture 505 Award"; donor 1,000,000 yuan to set up the "China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Award Fund 505"; 1,000,000 yuan donated to the Shaanxi Provincial Association for Science and Technology set up a "505 Technology Fund Shaanxi Award"; 1,000,000 yuan donated to the Xianyang city government set up a "505 Technology Fund Award Ham "; Donor 2,000,000 yuan in Shaanxi Province and the Health Department set up a" reward fund 505 medical ethics "; donated 500,000 yuan to set up" 505 Yan¡¯an University Education Award Fund "; 1,000,000 yuan donated to the Shaanxi Provincial Committee on Aging to build 505 apartments in elderly; 100,000 donation Yuan-funded renovation of Yan¡¯an City, "48" martyrs cemetery; to the "Hope Project" donated more than 200 million yuan more than the hope that the construction of primary schools and help thousands of children out of school ... .... Gradually formed a unique spirit of the 505 enterprises, which Is the "humanitarian high, one heart and one mind, work hard and forge ahead for the cause of human health and strive! "

In the creation of 505 enterprise culture in the process of party, government, workers, college together, throughout the construction of socialist spiritual civilization. The establishment of the "505" culture-based positions, has drawn up a "code of staff," a clearly defined code of conduct for staff, in conjunction with the study Chairman Mao Zedong¡¯s "people", "Bethune Memorial," "Yugongyishan," Lei studying and Feng, Jiao Yulu, Kong Fansen, Xu Hu, and other heroes exemplary talent; carry out the party¡¯s 14 session of the Third and Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Plenary Session, made the "three by one of the two anti-conservation", and has developed " With practice, study and Kong Fansen, adhere to the tenth decade against the decision. " "Ten to 10 against it", that is: First, 505 people to inherit and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, learn from Eastern and Western culture, one heart and one mind set, the pioneering spirit, against the request, hypocritical, opportunistic and money worship; Second, 505 people to firmly establish the concept of quality, the quality of life as a business. To be good parents as well as treatment of child and seriously, against blind optimism, the quality of neglect, and forge ahead with the status quo; three, 505 people have a sense of purpose and sense of responsibility, a sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, against the peace of mind to deal with passive, Fraud, just tries to muddle through; four, 505 law-abiding people, it is necessary to abide by the relevant state policies and regulations in order to uphold the rule of law works. Legal actions against the policies and regulations and disregard of anarchist tendencies Changji; five to 505 people to carry forward the work style of hard struggle of Yan¡¯an, adhere to the thrift. Oppose extravagance and waste, talk show, among other things Baikuo Qi. VI, 505 people have to be modest and prudent, seek truth from facts, against complacency, rest on its laurels Yelangzitai, self-righteous, speak with a forked tongue; seven, 505 people depending on the customer as "God" and vulgar attitude of the poor and the sloppy style; eight people to 505 as Care for their eyes, like the Prevention of Cruelty to 505 corporate image and safeguard the interests of 505 companies, the struggle against the name for profit and to fight for their position and status of its own; nine, 505 to respecting knowledge and talented people, against nepotism, envy can become the yin and on the relationships in Latin America La Che Che; 10, 505 people to adhere to the efforts of the two civilizations together, the two results together to the idea. Hand against a hard-soft, not against it as long as the economic benefits of short-sighted behavior.

At the same time, through the factory to sing songs, wear a badge and job clocking, performance appraisal system, employee training system, to be held "with the fate of a total of 505 speakers will sing," to send staff to visit Zhangjiagang learning, enhance employee loyalty and a sense of responsibility, 505 Yingchun Association held a well-known singer Wang Kun, Ma Yutao, Lu arts, well-known show host Ni Ping are involved in the show. Through the value of life, love and career, marriage, family relations, family relations and the integration of the internal relationships; tour through the Yuanmingyuan, the revolutionary Yan¡¯an, and other holy sites, to carry out patriotic education, education employees know how to "behind it is necessary to take a beating" The reason, to stimulate the enthusiasm of patriotism, the right to deal with the state, enterprises and individuals in the relationship between the formation of a progressive ideals, morality, culture, discipline, "four" staff. Party organizations of all enterprise employees, general secretary of serious study "to build high-quality cadres" important speech, close contact with the actual 505 enterprises, to carry out in-depth and sustained rectification, and continuously improve the quality of the staff to promote the material and spiritual civilization construction business.

As people in the business, defeated by the people. With both ability and political integrity of the people, and fully mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity, enterprise can flourish and grow, in order to fierce market competition. The creation of enterprises have been dozens of community-oriented, regardless of origin, regardless of geographical, only John Canton, is the only use. Now 99% of the staff is open recruitment, marketing and management personnel in more than 85% have post-secondary education and professional expertise, there are nearly more than 30,000 candidates have entered the corporate archives of the back-up talent pool. In addition, to employ well-known experts, professors, scholars and community leaders, the formation of the "505 enterprise development strategy consultants"; to engage in dozens of national, MD, to form the "MD 505 consultants."

In the employment, has gradually developed a fair, open and fair competition mechanism for talented people, those who insist on, are so flat, under Yongzhe. Human resources and give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity, and they practice the growing competence. In order to improve the overall quality of employees, companies often use various forms to strengthen the ideological education, and strengthen the professionalism of the staff, foster a sense of responsibility as masters.

In order to daily life from the concerned personnel to address the worries of human resources, construction companies and the purchase of high-grade employees of the residential buildings, and housing problems so that the backbone of the staff live on a new building. Every staff birthday, the factory presented a birthday cake, married employees, the factory sent 500 yuan said. Science and Technology Building, completed in 505 after putting in a lot of money, the construction of the 505 scientific research complex, at home and abroad for academic exchanges, staff meals, entertainment, learning and training provides a good place. 505 enterprises for staff workers for the old-age insurance and medical insurance. This year, type of insurance professionals working in 505 enterprises set their hearts at ease, rest assured that enjoyable.
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