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Lou Guantai 505 Shaanxi Institute of Anti-Aging
Lou Guantai 505 Shaanxi Institute of Anti-Aging, located at the northern foot of Qinling, the State Forest Park - Xian Lou Guantai weeks scenic tourist areas in the hinterland, known as "the best in the world blessed", "fastest Xiandu," "Taoism Zuting "Said the hospital covers an area of 300 acres, water, electricity, roads, telecommunications, guest houses and other infrastructure facilities fully self-sufficient. Registered capital of 20,000,000 yuan, and an official of the existing scientific research staff of 18 people. Is the main development projects for the 505 lithium strontium spring, the spring water is rich in lithium, strontium, Piangui Suan, selenium, zinc and other trace elements necessary for the human body, especially lithium strontium items are up to two-GB8537 - 1996 consumption of natural The indicator mineral water, is the first in domestic. Lithium strontium spring colorless, tasteless, does not contain any foreign body, clear and transparent, refreshing sweet, pure taste. Long-term consumption, contribute to the promotion of human skeletal development, improve the function of blood, the prevention of cardiovascular disease and improve immune function, is a cost-effective, low-yield investment, the market's broader health drinks. In order to meet market demand, to build the size of a modern production line. In addition to the hospital engage in leisure, vacation and other cultivation, breeding industry.
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