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China Xianyang health care products factory

Science and Technology Building, 505

Chinese health care products factory is located in Xianyang Xianyang in the urban areas, from the disease outside experts to rule on Professor Wu Hui created in 1989. The existing land area of 18 mu, building area of 3,000 square meters. More than 100 employees, registered capital of 5,500,000 yuan. At present, the main producing 505 bags of vitality martial art, martial art kneepad 505, 505 shoulder pad martial art, martial art Belt 505, 505 caps Brain martial art, martial art Yaozhen 505, 505 health bra, Parkland Yu Ye, pressure-paste, paste, and other music-kun Family medicine health care products, products that come from, or to lift tens of millions of patients to reduce the pain, and best-selling country in the world in more than 100 countries and regions, won the award more than 100 domestic and foreign, have been at home and abroad as people from all walks of life "in the history of medicine The miracle, "and" Treasure physical illnesses, the gift of treasures. " For the introduction of funds for technological transformation, expansion of production scale and develop more new high value-added products.
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