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Appraisal Opinions from Experts about 505 Shen Gong Shoulder Protector

The 505 Shen Gong shoulder protector is a Chinese medicine health-care product for external use of shoulder that is specially developed based on the rheumatism and ¡°treating the internal disease from outside¡± theory of Chinese medicine industry, with reference to the prevention and treatment experiences about knee rheumatism in the ancient and present times and on the basis of clinical practice; this product is characteristic of reasonable formula, complies with the basic theory of Chinese medical industry, and has the functions such as expelling wind and clearing away cold, promoting the blood circulation, activating the blood and strengthening the muscles and bones. The toxicology experiment proves that, if 30g of product per kg is used outside the skin, there is no toxicity, cutaneous anaphylaxis and irritation to the skin. The pharmacodynamics experiment proves that the product has the anti-inflammatory, analgesia and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis functions, may reduce the blood density and strengthen the erythrocyte deformability. Three province-level clinical units from Shaanxi and Shandong, etc have made the clinical observation of 287 and 308 instances respectively, and the results indicate that this product has the obvious treatment effects on the symptoms such as the shoulder pain, heaviness, anesthesia and uncomfortable flexion and extension, etc of periathritis of shoulder, soft tissue damage of shoulder, and rheumatic arthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylopathy, etc. The marked effect rate is 57.47%, and the total effective rate is 90.91%. We have found that there are no side effects. The clinical experiment studies indicate that the product may make the temperatures of some key points in the shoulder and arm obviously increase and the micro-circulation be obviously improved.
The process and quality standards of this product are practical. According to the inspection about three batches of samples by Shaanxi Provincial drug administration department, this product complies with relevant regulations of quality standards and has the good stability.
This study subject is of the realistic significance, and is characteristic of reasonable design, complete materials and systems and reliable data. The modern technologies such as the thermal infrared imager, laser micro-circulation blood flow meter and haemorheology, etc have been successfully used for the clinics, experiment study and mechanism discussion of similar products. The study has employed the novel thoughts, enjoyed the originality, used the advanced methods, and seemed very scientific. Therefore, this comprehensive study results have taken the leading place in the similar project studies at home and abroad.
This product is safe, effective, simple and practical. It has the treatment and health-care functions and also has the promotion and application values, so it¡¯s expected that it will bring the obvious social benefits and economic benefits.
We suggest that this product should be applied for the production approval from health administration department and for science advancement award.

Appraisal-hosting Units:
Health Bureau of Shaanxi Province
Medicine Administrative Bureau of Shaanxi Province
Shaanxi Society and Technology Association

Technical Leaders of Appraisal:
Traditional Medicine Consultant of WHO
Standing Committee Member of China
Society and Technology Association
Vice Chairman of China Association of Combination of Traditional Chinese
Medicine and Western Medicine

Vice Chairman of Geriatrics Society of Chinese Medical Association
Chen Keji

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